Friday, 5 September 2014

(Kohewhata Marae Noho)

(kohewhata marae)
On wednesday me and my class and rm 13,and also rm15 went on a trip to kohewhata marae it was very excited because it was my first time staying at the kohewhata marae i was so amazed to see all the amazing maori designs and i was so thrilled to be staying there it was so fun when i was staying there really really thrilled i couldn't wait to get started on all my jobs and i like every single one of my jobs they were all so amazing and cool and fun.


  1. E pai hoki kia koe ki te tuhituhi mo te Marae Noho.

  2. I like what you said about it being exciting and doing your jobs

  3. I like how you had descriptive words in you story

  4. hi shariyah,
    this is talented work that i have read. i like the way you said you were thrilled to be staying in the (kohewhata marae).