Friday, 30 October 2015

The Greatest Moment Of My Life

I can hear the crowd yelling “GO CANADA”. I can see everyone going crazy and they are standing up shouting and screaming “WIN THE CUP”.  I can smell the sweatiness and feel it  dripping down my arm, but I have to focus on scoring the winning goal. I quickly sprint as fast as I can, the other players are yelling “OVER HERE THROW THE BALL OVER HERE”. I am under a lot of pressure, there is about seven players yelling my name, saying the same thing. The person to my right is still yelling, so I toss the ball to player 13. He manages to catch the ball before the other player.  As he has the ball, he sprints like he’s being chased by a panther, so I quickly sprint to the ball as fast as a cheetah. I get to the goal post and scream “THROW THE BALL TO ME”. He said something like “heads ups” and tosses it to me. It seems like the world is moving slowly, I speed up and bounce as high as a kangaroo to catch the ball.A huge grin is exploding across my face, I can feel the adulation from the crowd raining down on me. “WE are the winners. CANADA are the winners of THE RUGBY WORLD CUP”.   The audience are yelling the same thing, but with pride and joy.  I am jumping up and down and  the team is coming over to congratulate me. As they shake my hand, I can feel the pride and joy that is emanating from my team mates.  All the hard work, co operation and effort is paying off.  We are one big family as we celebrate our victory, and it is truly a privilege to be holding the one and only “RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Today i am writing about how important family are.

The most important people

the most important people in my life are family like my parents,sister,and brothers they are the most important people in my life and i might get angry at them but no matter what no one can take away my love for them

Monday, 27 July 2015

Whainga ako:describe and write what we look like.

Hello,my name is Shariyah. I have brown and blondish hair. I know it may look like I have black hair but in reality I have brown and blondish hair but as I was saying I have brown eyes and black eyelashes and in this image I am wearing a big black puffy jacket with some skinny jeans and a small stripy t - shirt. Also as you can see that my hair is out  my skin colour is light tan with a little bit of sunlight shining on me I also have a big nose.I am also 10 years old and I have big pink lips and i always hear my family say that I look like an angel.
so there you go that is what i look like.
Thank you
for reading

27 Jul 2015 10:51:07.jpg